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This page is dedicated to the hard working individuals who have helped along the way. Through the years there have been many persons who have helped to get the shows off the ground. Without their help, the yearly show could have never happened.

*Tony Russi- Thanks for you help, and for being a brother.
*Abner Aldana- My freind, I miss you. Thank you for your help.
*Gary Sax- Yeah, rock the world and Bonnie Springs! Good Luck
*Tom Brophy- How big are the muscles getting? Thank you.
*Paul Gilseth- You are a brother. Thank you.
*Ric Schector_ Sensor Blast Rocks!
*Ben- Thanks for your help first season.
*Amanda Michael- Thanks for help with the my space & web stuff!
*Kelly & Keith Bryant - Thanks for your hard work at Bonnie Springs. Good luck out there, you deserve it!
*Krash 503- Thanks for all your hard work on set up & tear down! Work on the customer relations, need you this year.
*Chelsea Michael & Bryan- Thanks for helping to get the haunts up & running in 09'! You guys rock the earth!
*Mom & Chip- Thanks for holding down the haunt in 03"!
*Todd Anson- Thanks for helping to rock our haunts!
* Angle Flight Paving- Thanks for painting those beautiful stripes on our parking lot and for lighting our way to success!

Hysteria City thanks all of these individuals for their efforts and involvement in the past shows. Without your help, the shows could not fly.